Our Mission

Family of the Aysu yapı; with the vision to be a leader in all sectors of its service, aims to increase its value not only in Turkey but also in international markets.
Our greatest source of motivation is the goal of achieving excellence that is one of the basic principles which the company policy bases on.

Our primary goal is fulfill our responsibility in order to transfer our world to future generations in the best possible way.

Our Values

The principles of business ethics form the basis of our business life.
We aim for the highest level of quality in every business we do and in every service we offer.
We have the pioneering entrepreneurship spirit which is open to the world and change.
We always adopt our business and undertake the responsibility that your business requires.
Our company always works passionately and excitedly in order to grow and develop our business.
We make an effort for adding value to our world and our stakeholders with a sustainable understanding in every field we operate.
In addition to the value we create economically, we work so that make a difference and contribute, to social and environmental areas.